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With Reflexology and other holistic therapies We treat the whole person; Healing you in Mind, Body and Soul...

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Please note, that I am unavailable for enquiries until Monday 16th of July.

I am excited to announce that I will be soon offering appointments in the Bristol area from the end of July. In our new Reflexology room I will have discounts available for NHS staff and teachers at 10% off.

Welcome to Your Healing Treat

Life can be a bit relentless at times, or it can at it's worst seem to feel completely unfair. Many of us go from day to day on autopilot, from school runs to our jobs and back again, from our own hospital appointments to helping family or friends to feel better...

We become the forgotten ones.

​We are at the bottom of the list.

Your physical health and mental health is linked so it is of the utmost importance that YOU make time for YOU.

Indeed *the Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation think tanks found that most admissions of those with mental health conditions to A&E were for physical ailments. 'For every 1,000 people with mental health problems there were 628 emergency admissions, compared to 129 among those without - 5 times the rate'.

So to keep your mind's health in check can have huge positive affects on your physical health.

​This is why Reflexology is such a fantastic holistic therapy for so many people, and complementary to your other medical help.

*Taken from BBC News - 14th Oct 2015