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With Reflexology and other holistic therapies We treat the whole person; Healing you in Mind, Body and Soul...

What Is Reflexology:

If you have never experienced the benefits of Reflexology then Your Healing Treat, Reflexology with Sophie is where you should start.

​Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy, dating from as far back as the Ancient Egyptians in 2500 BC. Since then evidence shows that Reflexology has been found all over the world in various forms of foot and hand massage and pressure points.

Modern Reflexology uses the theory that the organs, nerves, glands, tissues and blood vessels are connected to reflex areas or reflex points on the feet and hands. Through compression techniques and massage with the thumbs and fingers a direct response can be achieved in the related part of the body.

The many benefits of this therapy occur when the hundreds of nerve endings in the foot or hand are stimulated when touched. This stimulation clears blockages and enhances the flow of nerve energy throughout the body. The flow of blood and lymph fluid is also increased to all cells and tissues, which is crucial to health and the body's restoration.

Ultimately Reflexology is a holistic therapy which aims to bring health and well being to the body and mind together in order to balance the individual as a whole.

A list of many of the benefits are as follows: